Professional Bathroom Fitter in Bootle

professional bathroom fitter in BootleA professional bathroom fitter in Bootle is essential if you want the bathroom perfectly finished. We will work with you to design your dream bathroom. This could be contemporary or traditional depending on your own unique requirements. We have many years of experience in removing, replacing and renovating bathroom suites. We will start the design by visiting your home and mapping the bathroom area. Once we have exact measurements we will offer you a choice of fittings and furnishings. All the items are of the highest possible quality. Once the furniture has been chosen the tiles and flooring need to complement the colour choice. This is also the moment to decide whether under floor heating is required. In a cold climate is such a luxury to have a warm and snug bathroom. When you get out of the bath or shower there are no cold draughts to make you shiver. Heated towel rails can also be installed.

If you are refitting or renovating your bathroom in Bootle, a professional bathroom fitter will ensure a proper job is done. You may require a wet room or a walk in shower. We can remodel your bathroom to accommodate a disabled family member. A wet room will allow someone confined to a wheelchair complete access to all areas of the bathroom. This entails tiling the entire room and having no separate shower cubicle. It is a very popular choice as there is less space used and normally no bath. Our expert tile layers ensure that the entire room is waterproof. Fixtures for the use of disabled persons like hand rails are fitted wherever necessary. If a family member is unsteady or infirm the shower can be fitted with rails and a built in bench to make bathing easier and safer.

A professional bathroom fitter in Bootle is essential if you want a beautiful and well appointed bathroom. Contact DW Plumbing today to discuss your dream bathroom with our efficient and reliable professional bathroom fitter. There are no short cuts to perfection.

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