Bathroom Fitter in Norris Green

Bathroom Fitter in Norris GreenA bathroom fitter in Norris Green from DW Plumbing, can turn your old bathroom into a thing of beauty. Our suppliers have quality fixtures at affordable prices. Affordability does not mean they are only functional. Take a look at some of the designs and you will see that thought and creativity has gone into the manufacture of these products. Form and colour brings beauty to your bathroom. Tile selection for wall and floors is extensive. It may be difficult to choose but we can help you narrow it down. Maybe what you need is a bathroom where there was none before. Many older homes were not built with en suite baths or first floor powder rooms. We will endeavour to find the space to fit one in. From design to installation, we want to fit a pleasing bathroom for you.

In Norris Green, bathroom fitter DW Plumbing often takes on bathroom installations that are more about need than want. Those with special needs such as the elderly or handicapped find themselves unable to continue staying in their homes unless modifications are made. Bathroom access is often the primary obstacle. Those modifications can be made to an existing bathroom. If a new bath installation is needed en suite or close to a bedroom, a closet and section of an adjacent room is an option. Wet rooms are ideal because the shower can be open with no curb. Shower chairs can be built in so they fold away. The sink and toilet height to accommodate a wheelchair is more comfortable for almost all people anyway.

When DW Plumbing is your handicap bathroom fitter in Norris Green, your new bath does not have to look institutional. It can be luxurious enough to welcome everyone. The mistake a lot of people make is using a lot of chrome for hand grips and plumbing fixtures. Nice soft colour shades that blend or compliment the tile will take away the institutional look. The same is true for the sinks and toilets. Use soft colours and ambient lighting. Now add the warmth of in- floor heating and you have an elegant wet room. For more information about a professional bathroom fitter, contact DW Plumbing.

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